Single Family

Champley Residence

The photos below were taken by Emad Asfoury of LA Color Studio Enjoy the photos, and remember that the vision you have for your home can become a reality!

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With a small usable building footprint, an existing small home with great views, we developed a design that created an open feeling that capitalizes on the existing foundations, natural views, and lighting. Each space, interior and exterior, was integrated through their functions for full use by the family and future flexibility. The Champley Residence contains two front yards, one large side yard with decks, a Zen rear courtyard, and multiple roof decks. This hillside corner lot residence with existing native trees was constructed by the Owner/Builder with the highest quality of care. This home with all the great spaces and views works for their family providing flexible use for each space as their family expands. This modern design does not invade or foray its context, but rather merges with its traditional hillside setting allowing itself to be noticed without imposing on its surroundings. Residing within the "Small House" concept, this 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bath house meets the Champley family program needs while energizing their family guests by its rhythm of circulation paths, volume, light and the custom design of each room and space. This home is designed to achieve platinum LEED Rating.

Dwyer Residence

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This rural hillside major addition to a music producer and designer's home was laid out to preserve important views and meet very specific functions. A new master suite, central family gathering space, laundry, work area, sons bedroom suite, a loft-type yoga room, 4 car tandem garage, and the remodel of existing spaces were orchestrated in relation to the views and circulation flow of the home. Windows of all types allow for light to filter into the home from high and low windows set deep into the thick walls and specifically placed skylights. Ceiling heights change and open to taller spaces. The family gathering area acts as a courtyard off many of the rooms while the new central stairs give access from the garage up into the 2nd story loft space and allows light to filter down to the entry from the garage. Traditional Mediterranean materials and detailing were used to give charm and warmth to all areas of the home. Decks open up off of all the new bedroom suites.

McDermott Residence

We added a new entry stair and exterior deck to relocate entry to second floor living area. The kitchen, dining and living area was remodeled as well. The existing detached garage to studio was connected to existing house with exterior deck and roof covering.

This project was also worked on by Legacy Construction & Development, Inc.

Daniel Residence

Movie Producer and his amazing artist wife wanted a new artist studio. We designed a two-story artist studio with spiral staircase opening to the rear yard in view. There was also exposed flooring, open beams and sky lights along with lots natural lighting.

Radder Residence

This project was a referral from Robert Niesner of Legacy Construction & Development, Inc. This project has a great history. It was a total home remodel. The home is a large estate hillside type tiered property. Before we started working on this project, the client had called me several times, explaining that the previous Architect had a good design but they were having communication issues. I agreed to visit the site and see what the issues were. My first thought was that I should have visited the site sooner. The previous design reduced the quality of every aspect of the home. In a two-story home, the connection is the most important. This home had a large basement type space. We relocated the stairs to be open through the living room to the new expanded lower level family gaming room. This integrated both floors and set the tone for opening up the lower floor to the exterior down slope gardens. All walls facing the rear yard were dramatically opened up with variations of window seat extensions, whole wall window, and new doors to an expanded rear balcony with direct stairs to the exterior terraces.


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