Multi Family

PMI Center Court

We helped to define the relocation of the parking at west end of the property parking to the south side "future dedication" area and provide new apartment units with parking at the west end of the property.

Mariposa Multi-Family

This project consisted of designing a new 6,400 s.f± one-story robotic parking. This 65’ high building was looking to build parking for the existing 40 unit apartment building with a basement. It consists of 7 levels; 6 above and 1 below.

Maclay Multi-Family Building

JHAI designed a 108 Unit, 3-story apartment building over ground floor parking. The typical unit site range was 727 s.f± to 823 s.f± with two (2) bedrooms and two (2) bathrooms with 6 unit types.

Cirrus Management Moorpark

This 1970s' apartment complex needed up dating. The Management Company, Cirrus Asset Management asked for an updated front elevation to give a new look to the building. We reviewed a few modern style concepts and they approved a simple approach. Cirrus Asset Management owns and manages a large portfolio of multi-family buildings and when they need a quick idea or one of their properties needs a touch up, they call us at JHAI to use our magic. The building was plain and Jim Heimler gave it the soft touch by adding a new wood veneer look to break up the grey plaster front. The wood veneer is 100 yr old reclaimed wood, making this project sustainable. We added roof top railings to express the concept of a roof top deck and help break up the proportions of the existing building. An entry wall and rails were also designed with this concept in mind and might be built at a later date. The Owner is happy and the building front elevation looks as though it was just completed. A fresh look will always breathe life into these old buildings.

Century Freeway Affordable Housing Apartments

The design of this affordable housing project under the Century Freeway Redevelopment Program was set up as a "U Shaped" courtyard scheme with public entry galleries and private patios. Security was a key issue. This project brought Jim Heimler into the fold and reasoning behind affordable housing. See his later activities with LINC Housing.

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