Community Centers

VIP Emergency Care

VIP Emergency Care

As the VIP, now architect, we took an existing 8,000 s.f. space and re-purposed it for an urgent care center, including the shielded MRI rooms. The entry needed to be modern, simple, and exciting.


Green-Wisdom Arkansas

One of Jim Heimler's companies is Green Wisdom (GWI). The company is set up to be a development type company for the purpose of re-invigorating cities and communities. Through vertically and horizontally owned and operated parcels within communities you can bring businesses, jobs, and social programs tying the community together in a sustainable manner. This is all about social justice, providing opportunity and education to the citizens of a community. Profits are to be shared with the community. Each site becomes a hub and testing ground for the next project. We strive to make everything Net Zero carbon, energy, and water. Each community should stand on its own without the need to import utilities and send out toxins. Building materials and their design within structures need to be cradle to cradle analysed and health to be around. It is a major change in the way cities and communities are being re-positioned or let to go extinct. In the these sketches a new main street city hall and adjacent businesses would recreate the village square while providing for the needs of a new downtown and it's functions. One catfish / energy farm can provide for 50 new jobs. GWI has received the approval to push ahead with this idea from the city government and citizens at large.

UCLA - Stunt Ranch

This 7,450 S.F. project had a budget of $850,000 and was to be a 'super green' Environmental Research Facility for UCLA/Stunt Ranch located in the Santa Monica Mountains. The buildings included a museum, library, classrooms, living quarters, and the support spaces - all designed into an accessible hillside property. This project incorporated a passive heating and cooling system with back up high efficiency pellet burning stoves/fireplaces. There was a Grey water system collecting and storing roof rain water; solar collectors with the on-site reservoir used as a heat and thermal storage system; on-site trash recycling; and photovoltaic shingle roofing. There was to be rolled batten roofing to protect from the fire close to the trees. Also, improvements in the functionality of the site were to be included such as a raised plaza for accessibility to the Amphitheater as well as sun protection from the west facing classrooms. At the same time eye-pleasing forms were not lost in the quest for functionality. Every view from every angle was to be taken into account in order to create an eye-pleasing sequence of spaces that would match the level of functionality that was to be achieved. This project, which we prepared a schematic design for back in 1997, was not completed due to landslide zone issues that we pointed out to our client the first week of the project.

Helen Keller

This county project was designed prior to an RFP for the completion of the design, and construction process. We did not believe the design worked as well as it could. In our bid to get the project we re-designed the entire project in REVIT. This will be a very green sustainable project. Our plan removed most of the corridor space and allowed park patrons to go to the rest rooms without having to go into the building which is locked at times. The circulation was adjusted to allow for ease of drop offs, and multiple uses for the community terraces and indoor rooms. Some rooms can be accessed from the exterior as well as the interior. Kitchen functions were located so multiple rooms had direct access reducing conflicting services paths with occupant use. Natural lighting extended to all parts of the building. All the visuals are real and not just added to the frame of the building. Passive and active sustainable design methods were incorporated wherever the budget allowed.


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