Dwyer Residence

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This rural hillside major addition to a music producer and designers home was laid out to preserve important views and meet very specific functions. A new master suite, central family gathering space, laundry, work area, sons bedroom suite, a loft type yoga room, 4 car tandem garage, and the remodel of existing spaces were orchestrated in relation to the views and circulation flow of the home. Windows of all types allow for light to filter into the home from high and low windows set deep into the thick walls and specifically placed skylights. Ceiling heights change and open to taller spaces. The family gathering area acts as a courtyard off many of the rooms while the new central stairs give access from the garage up into the 2nd story loft space and allows light to filter down to the entry form the garage. Traditional Mediterranean materials and detailing were used to give charm and warmth to all areas of the home. Decks open up off of all the new bedroom suites.