Retail Markets

Universal Water World

Universal Water World

We continue to provide full design services for Universal/ Comcast as they request. This project was to provide additional bleacher type seating and all the exiting and code upgrades required. Exiting and accessibility are key to projects like this.

Maynila Supermarket

This is a specialty Philipine Market in which we designed the retail and corporate offices. This remodel included 1st and 2nd story remodeling with a specification for traditional asian grand opening.

Trader Joe's Company

Trader Joe's Company Our common work, on over 110 Trader Joe's commercial market buildings, ranged from improvements of small portions of markets, including roof upgrades and storage facilities, to entire new 14,000 square foot markets. Responsibilities included site/floor/roof plans; building sections; exterior elevations; construction documents; expediting; and construction administration. We also assisted the owner with obtaining professional services and fee proposals from the owner's consultants, coordination of the owner's consultants, permitting processes and government approvals. Construction costs on these projects ranged from the thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Trader Joe's continuously re-contracted with JHAI for projects because of our consistent availability to meet the required tasks above expectations as well as the ability to meet budgets and schedules on every project. We had one master agreement with addendum's for each specific project. All projects were hourly based and all invoices were paid within 30 days. Some projects required hearings while others were simpler and just went through standard plan check processes. Designs are for function only unless city planning issues required design beyond function. One project was designed with future phasing in mind. We addressed future structural needs as build-outs expanded over time. This plan worked out great for the client.

Eastgate Plaza

Herb Horowitz referred us the remodel of the shopping center and we accomplished the Design Directive and all the way through construction, and the project ran very smoothly

Universal City Walk Fountain Replacement

As our Sixth project for NBC/Universal, we were brought in as the Executive Architect to work with site staff and WET, the Fountain Designer. Our team was responsible for all the engineering, architectural design features, project coordination, permitting, and assistance as requested during the construction process. This was a fast-paced project with many active systems to entertain the public at large. There are two fountains, one dances to music with steam mists and the other acts as a pond and waterfall against a restaurant. Exactness’ of design, alignments, and water flow rates with varying bulk heads needed to be on target. Another successful project is completed!


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