Membership in Environmental non-profit groups

Membership in Environmental non-profit groups

Since the 1980’s I have joined many environmental groups. The reason is it was the right thing to do. Someone has to start the revolution. Getting momentum, like gravity, is always the original issue. I have the energy, spirit, and will to integrate those energies while living my other life. Or shall I say the two parts of my life are fully integrated by nature.


Being part of Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc., Environmental Defense Fund, and others keep me in the loop. There are 2 fronts that help me. One is the lobbying and education efforts. I want to change the way government, corporations, and people view the world. I only have so much time. So, by being a member I spend a few bucks and let them represent me in the education of community saving me time for other efforts. The other side is informing me of what is going on in the outer world. Each helps me focus on the macro and micro activities affecting our planet.


Those efforts then give me a larger perspective in making the choices in life and the decisions I need to make every second running my life and my company, JHAI. The information then can be passed on the family, friends, and especially clients. Client knowledge allows for more out of the box design decisions. Some cost, others integrated right into the design. Life cycle costing, maintenance issues, company missions can all be enforced.


When the opportunity comes up design efforts and spacial use affecting the nature and efficiency of a specific building become second nature to me. When selecting building materials as integrated into my design ethos using old materials in new ways can be cost effective. The specific materials can support the client’s goals. Research and development can extend on to each project moving the needle helping advance society. Re-use and repurpose is always one of the most effective paths on reduction of the carbon footprint and reducing embodied energy in any project. Sometimes it is not very cost effective. Choices need to be made.  A specific site has many opportunities and with knowledge and will one can maximize all the sites opportunities. This is one of the best ways to save a client’s money, express great architecture, and achieve sustainable goals.


The continued education provided by Non–Profit group, as many of the ones I belong, helps sustain these efforts. My passion is kept kindled. This opens up more possibilities in thought and action.


Links to mentioned environmental groups below:


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