Green-Wisdom Arkansas

One of Jim Heimler's companies is Green Wisdom (GWI). The company is set up to be a development type company for the purpose of re-invigorating cities and communities. Through vertically and horizontally owned and operated parcels within communities you can bring businesses, jobs, and social programs tying the community together in a sustainable manner. This is all about social justice, providing opportunity and education to the citizens of a community. Profits are to be shared with the community. Each site becomes a hub and testing ground for the next project. We strive to make everything Net Zero carbon, energy, and water. Each community should stand on its own without the need to import utilities and send out toxins. Building materials and their design within structures need to be cradle to cradle analysed and health to be around. It is a major change in the way cities and communities are being re-positioned or let to go extinct. In the these sketches a new main street city hall and adjacent businesses would recreate the village square while providing for the needs of a new downtown and it's functions. One catfish / energy farm can provide for 50 new jobs. GWI has received the approval to push ahead with this idea from the city government and citizens at large.