Universal City Walk Fountain Replacement

As our Sixth project for NBC/Universal, we were brought in as the Executive Architect to work with site staff and WET, the Fountain Designer. Our team was responsible for all the engineering, architectural design features, project coordination, permitting, and assistance as requested during the construction process. This was a fast-paced project with many active systems to entertain the public at large. There are two fountains, one dances to music with steam mists and the other acts as a pond and waterfall against a restaurant. Exactness’ of design, alignments, and water flow rates with varying bulk heads needed to be on target. Another successful project is completed!

The level of care on a project like this, from all parties, working as one team is intense. It might look easy when you see the fountains in action, but the hard work that goes into the design and construction would astound you. Care and a lot of imagination goes into all aspects of the services for a successful project.