Citron Residence

When a senior wants their own space that meets their own requirement the path is clear. You sell one property and renovate your rental property for your own use. This clients’ rental property is tied to a pacific horticulture garden. Therefore, we took a 1,200 s.f ± home and completely reworked it for the needs and dreams of our client. Basically we ended up with a new home. The rules imposed by the city made the project tight in area and expensive to do the widening of a driveway, roof water retention in rain barrels, and utility improvements. The building site is located between other structures and needed to maintain building separation. The building line at the street required bigger front yard then usual. The interior is one open studio type space open to the kitchen. The bedrooms and baths are packed on one side of the house using angles to maximize the use of the space. We have a small patio at the entry and one for the back yard looking over the amazing garden. Most of the property in a horticulturists dream! Now our client has her dream home also.