Canoga Park High School Technical Career Academy

This project with a budget of $1,650,000 is a remodel for the Building Assets for the Integrated Technology (B.A.I.T.) academy. This is the 3rd project on this campus in addition to over 150 projects that we have worked on for the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD).

This academy's purpose is to provide opportunities for students to collaborate with others, investigate and prioritize ideas, organize information, produce graphic and multimedia products and narrate visual presentations as a "real life work' experience. JHAI was hired to convert and upgrade two existing classrooms into this integrated technology career academy and upgrade restrooms and path of travel improvements for disabled access. The client desired this project to create a more flexible space geared towards multimedia functions. The existing classrooms are at different floor elevations and in order to accommodate the disabled, JHAI integrated an interior ramp between the classrooms. The project also involved removing existing walls and partitions to allow for the new spatial configuration which better suited the students' education.