Shepherd of the Hills Church

Shepherd of the Hills Church

This 600 seat overflow sanctuary was designed to be a full high end recording studio for the church. The sanctuary space was also designed as a mixed use space to allow for NBA quality basketball with folding bleachers, hoops, and score boards. The structure was studied for alternate construction methods. Tilt up, concrete block, metal structures were all compared to a new type structure called Tall Wall ICF construction. This is an insulated foam forming system that is filled with rebar and concrete. We then designed 100 foot steel spans for the entire building. The roof was also set on metal pans with a concrete cap for the acoustical requirements for recording off the 118 freeway.

The design intent was to be more sustainable then most other buildings. The ICF system is considered a green framing system. The clerestory windows were added with black out curtains to provide natural light for basketball and the congregation. This hillside addition to the main church has a basement where all the mechanical equipment is located. The entry arcades tie into the existing building tying the entire site design together and providing shade and covered walks for all. Between the existing and new building is an outdoor Amphitheater that works with the grade differences between the buildings. Ramps, stairs and modified curbs were all adjusted to make the hillside conditions work for accessibility.

The biggest issue was getting a CUP for these projects. This required a number of hearings. In the end we were allowed to use the existing CUP tied to the hillside height requirements with only an amended CUP. We proved that we fell under the original CUP by right because of the looseness of the original approval. This was not an easy task. Working with Cal Trans, neighborhood groups, city planning, the plan checker and inspectors on the new type of construction required a lot of hand holding.


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