Korean Mok Yang Church

The Korean Mok Yang Church bought a corner site encompassing a few old single family homes along an alley and next to a high-rise office building. They wanted a temporary build out site for their congregation and pre/elementary school. Modular school buildings and a Sprung Instant Structure were used. We obtained a CUP though our orchestrated hearing in which we were congratulated on our presentation. Along with Mok Yangs congregation we brought their sister Hispanic church and we had interpreters in 2 languages. With over 50 people in support and no objection we were approved. We negotiated the alley improvements so they could wait until the permanent build out was being done in the future saving over $250,000 on this project. Our layout of the site included parking, play areas, landscaping, full accessibility, utilities, signage, and the interior uses within both structures. Working with the pastor was very enjoyable and appreciated. We have consulted with him since 1998.