Keebler Warehouse

There are 2 projects we completed for the international company. The first was an addition for their expanded corporate offices and new staff locker rooms with showers. This changed the main entrance with new ramps and lifts for accessibility. The new look accented their industrial building with vertical and horizontal lines and proving a separate entrance for staff and visitors. Internal lunch rooms and restrooms were remodeled. New expanded secure storage raking systems were also part of this project.

The 2nd project was a new attached warehouse. This was to be designed to meet the requirements of a special lift they were going to use. The new structure was a 6 inch thick fined concrete tilt up structure with custom racking on the interior. This needed airport approval due to the height of the cranes necessary to install the concrete panels. The fins were used to thin the tilt up panels saving money and to add a little relief to the exterior of the building.