YMCA Mid Valley

YMCA Mid Valley

YMCA Mid Valley is a remodeling of an existing 37,460 s.f. YMCA facility originally built in the 1960’s. The original facility was a one-story 5,670 s.f. YMCA Youth Building (1960) and 2-story 31,000 s.f. YMCA Physical Education Building was added in 1966. Later a lobby was added to connect the two building in its current layout at 37,460 s.f.

The scope of remodeling includes new locker rooms, remodeling of the pool, new fitness studios replacing pre-school classrooms and offices, new staff offices, updating fitness studio areas, improve facility circulation, new energy efficient upgrades including insulated glazing, sun shading, and possible PV panels. The Second floor fitness studio and locker rooms will be demolished and left vacant for future YMCA use. A new building entry is being designed and a new exterior courtyard fitness area is being planned. The existing pre-school will be relocated into a remodeled outbuilding, creating a new Pre-School facility along with the new outdoor pre-school activity areas. The existing parking area is to be restriped and the site pedestrian and auto circulation improved.

The intent is to create a village atmosphere where all structures and uses and integrated into one community center. In this case the children’s center is on the south side of the parking court tied to the sports court on the north side with the entry path moving along the existing 2 story structure. Using canopies and safety walls with covers as an integrating tread throughout the complex. The interior spaces on each floor and the existing interior courtyard are being re-imagined using the new YMCA programs. At each step of the way sustainability will be incorporated into all areas of the design.


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