Family Products

Family Products

The two story, 50,000+SF industrial tenant improvement project (corporate office/production/sales); is a design/coordination through construction administration. The building is the new corporate headquarters for the company. The estimated cost is near $2 million. The construction costs are approximately $2 million under a design/built flexible program.

We designed improvements for the first/second floors, rehabilitation roof, and parking in pursuit of Silver LEED certification. We assisted in applying for this certification and in the coordination of consultants and owner for the certification process. The building will have a reflective roof coating; HVAC units with high energy efficiency; vertical duct work to the floor for low air circulation; denim insulation; energy efficient light fixtures with motion sensors; and recycled furniture. Our responsibilities include design, construction documents, coordination, expediting, and construction administration.

We have reworked all of the different divisions within the company. We placed a 400 person call center in the warehouse with it's own design themes and department separations. We setup and coordinated for value engineering to assist in cost effectiveness. We reworked the roof assembly to achieve the mechanical system upgrades, a cool roof, roof insulation and the ceiling system. The exterior walls of this concrete building have been insulated and appropriate products have been selected for achieving the LEED certification. Electrical systems have been modified including generator backups. These are some of the sustainable efforts that have been placed into this project. We worked closely with all consultants on the project to achieve optimal design, value engineering and sustainability.


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