Torrance Plaza Hotel (TPH)

Torrance Plaza Hotel (TPH)

Recently James Heimler, Architect, Inc. (JHAI) was approached by Torrance Plaza Hotel investors to come up with a design scheme for a new renovated and modernize Torrance Plaza Hotel with a Japanese panache to it. JHAI gracefully took the challenge and hit the drawing boards and put their research skills to test. Some of the issues JHAI had to address was the entrance upgrades, parking and security, accessibility upgrades, lobby upgrades, elevator cab and doors, guest rooms and rear patio.

Some of JHAI solutions to these issues were.

Parking and Security

  • New security gates with key access to control guest vehicle access

  • Separate front parking for check in and rear parking for hotel guests

  • Parking entry arch to define guest vs. loading driveways to ease the site and lobby access

  • Lighting and ceilings under archways and covered areas

Entrance Upgrade

  • Define the hotel entry and make it stand out more

  • Keep the existing brick facade

  • New steel arcade and porte cochere

  • Paving patterns

  • Screen walls to provide depth to the elevation

  • New landscaping to create a courtyard theme for the entry

  • Upgrade parking, curbs and entry doors and thresholds for accessibility compliance

  • Relocate lobby entry doors and modify the exterior arches to define the hotel entry and enhance the interior circulation

Lobby Upgrades

  • Break up the linear space and open up the elevator lobby area

  • Open the north and south sides of the lobby to provide more natural light

  • Raise ceiling and provide new lighting

  • Add curved forms to improve pedestrian circulation to check in

  • Provide sliding screens to separate the public and semi private gathering areas in the lobby

  • Provide new bar area adjacent to the lobby to generate more activity and create a gathering space

  • Provide a concierge desk

  • Open and widen the stairs to allow more natural light and visual connection between the spaces

  • Upgrade the elevator cab and door finishes and upgrade the controls for accessibility compliance

  • Provide new fireplace and water feature

  • Upgrade the south courtyard to create a garden area for restaurant and bar seating

  • Provide a business center facility with access to the garden courtyard and a conference room

  • New modern sprinkler heads

Guest Rooms

    • Modulate and break up the linear space in the hallways

    • Raise the ceilings and provide solar tubes to provide natural light into the hallways

    • Provide soaking tubs and pre-fab kitchenettes in each extended stay rooms


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