Historic Roosevelt Hotel

Dodd Mitchell Design

We worked as the Executive Architect, advising designer Dodd Mitchell Design on a 10,000 S.F. project with a total cost of approximately $1.5 million. Our work encompassed Teddy's Bar, the pool area, the second floor, basement, and Tropicana Bar. Our work on Teddy's Bar, in the hotel proper, included creating new spatial opportunities on the main floor on Hollywood Boulevard. The Tropicana Bar involved transforming the pool area and creating a whole new look. There were historical structural problems and accessibility issues we worked out. We advised the client on design opportunities and expedited approvals, as well as ensured value engineering. The project was fast paced with a moving target. We guaranteed every step was carefully accelerated and rose above many roadblocks. For instance, when we were told that it would take a month to get approval for the kitchen consultant; our Principal achieved this in a day. Our focus was on high design and quality, streamlined work. The result was a culturally and historically registered site reflecting these qualities, which we strive for in each job.