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Automated Parking - Mariposa

This project is a 6,300 S.F. automated parking structure with 6 levels above grade and 1 level below. It is designed to accommodate 134 cars. Our client, who owned a 40 unit multi-story apartment building built in the 1930s near downtown Los Angeles, did not have adequate tenant parking. He was open to new and innovative methods to provide additional parking and an automated parking structure suited the project.

Adding new parking to a new or existing project can limit the area of the building or restrict the occupancy uses. There is an opportunity in high density areas to greatly increase the quantity of parking on a site. This is Automated parking. We have received approvals from planning departments and fire departments to do this. In Asia and Europe they have been in use for many years. Basically, a lift type system receives your car from a single loading zone and then a computer takes it away and places it in a temporary storage shelf. When you want to retrieve it you slide an ATM type card into a computer station and the computer retrieves your car. This process might take 2 minutes and is much faster, sustainable, safer, and space saving then standard types of parking. With all the benefits it is the paradigm change that we need to get used too. Jim has watched the system in use. We have been able to put 134 cars in the same space as 34 on grade parking stalls.

Stratus 16

This 2 level parking structure was needed to provide the required parking for the bank building on this shared lot. By doing this it freed up a property across the street for a new development. After studying 5 types of construction methods a combination of concrete block and prefabricated concrete columns, beams, panels and planks were selected. This was 30% less than a steel structure and much less than other building types. There were many pine trees on this grade parking lot and we were able to keep most of them. As on open 1st floor and roof deck parking structure no mechanical equipment was required. The existing stairs were designed to be free flowing and a bit of a sculpture.

Bernard Brothers

This 5 level parking structure is attached to the office building it serves. It was built while the office building was being completed. It is a very tight plan with a DWP utility vault under to basement level parking. The design includes being an open parking structure reducing the mechanical requirements to just the basement rooms. The structure includes precast and poured in place concrete and concrete block structural elements. The combination allows for about 1/8 inch play in the corbels to achieve the required head heights. Our job was to provide the number of parking stalls required. The original schematic design, by others, did not meet the Q and T requirements of transitional height and building set backs. In our layout we did not loose any parking stalls but had to change the way the building was first envisioned. The building is located 1 mile off the epicenter of the Northridge earthquake and received no structural damage.


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