What are the nuances that we think about to enrich a design?
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What are the nuances that we think about to enrich a design?

A good design has a sense of place. Each building type has its specific uses, character, and building materials. All can be designed to have flexibility of use due to changing requirements over time. Building materials can be used based on how they will wear, cradle to cradle material analysis, and how you plan on maintaining them. In public buildings you look for security and openness for the community to match the governing rules of your society. You can design into each project the meaning and mission of the building. The new design concepts, utility systems, and the building materials can all be used to show what is important to you. Every design decision has a psychological impact. Visuals and quality enter into each choice. The layers of life and experiences are tied to the authenticity of the choices made. What we do as Designers is manipulate space, light, structure, and the use of utilities. I address the nuances of human experiences and actions. The honesty in design should be obvious to all. The enclosure of space, being secure from the elements, maybe from others is important. What was the original use of the buildings? The design is also a statement of art. How advanced are you in your thinking of the meaning of life?

Are you designing the physical support systems for each employee, building maintenance personal, the user groups, and the community issues into the project? Can each group tell the difference from a typical building? Did you offer examples of other design concepts prior to locking in on one? How are you breaking down the function and spaces in regards to detailing and addressing all the human senses? Is there a contract you made with your mission statement, a Social Contract? Are you a socially responsible developer or neighbor? Were all the opportunities looked into to expand the scope of the project? The neighboring properties might have something to assist in maximizing your own development. These are just a few thoughts on what an Architect, a Leader, the head of your design team can bring to the table. I know that is one of the many reasons I love doing what I do. I know my over 2500 clients/projects have demonstrated that. My clients have appreciated it. As hard as it gets, pulling off any project, these days, these principals have only become more valuable to me, our clients’ on each project. Planning, putting puzzles together, running a smooth project, having the construction finish within the schedule, and dealing with any issues that come up is how we provide our services. I truly enjoy the process of design and management.


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