The Value of Follow Through

Clients expect their design team needs to be responsive to the changes, requirements and issues that arise throughout their development project. This is vital to the success of small projects and even more so for large projects. Similarly, design teams need clients to be just as responsive.

 This goes beyond doing what is stated in signed agreements. Both design teams and clients need to be apprised of changes and events that occur throughout the design and construction process in order to keep their projects on track. Contingencies are built into development plans but prompt client responses and approvals are what keep the original intent of the project on track.

 This is all-important so the follow thru which occurs in an ever expanding basis can be accomplished. Successful project management occurs where there is continual follow-up and follow-through. Conversely, when communication falters, project management efficiency suffers. Schedules are interrupted, costs go up and relationships get tense.

 Our goal at JHAI is to minimize disruptions of project management by emphasizing complete follow-through from all of the players on the team, including the client. To us, a responsive client is a blessing. Prompt and mutual follow-through is one of the secrets to our many successes!