Partnerships - Red Planet Ventures RPV

About 15 ago, I had the pleasure of meeting space architect/designer John Spencer “the Wizard of Space Tourism,” with whom I share an appreciation for space tourism and sustainable concepts. I’ve now become a co-founding owner of John’s company, Red Planet Ventures (RPV). The people I have met and the brainstorming session meetings we share really have pushed the limits of the amazing brain trust that Red Planet Ventures has developed. It is fun to share ideas with people from all over the world, and makes for a mind-expanding enterprise.

 Red Planet is a leading in space experience design, engineering and operations planning, and it work ranges from designing space-themed locales and events to working on real space projects, combining entertainment and technology in a creative and valuable way. My specific role in RPV is to keep an eye on business practices while participating in those brainstorming sessions. I have come up with dual-use design strategies for buildings and their environments.

 Through RPV I have met and been hired by rocket companies and am now looking at space themed resort complexes. I have been involved with advocating for more math and science education in our country, and working to get kids enthusiastic about going into engineering and the sciences. Our national security depends on the next generation of engineers and scientists!