In this new world of fast paced multi modes of communication all parties involved in the design process need to define their primary means of communication. The phone, fax, and mail used to be the standard go to that was understood by all. Now with cell phones, messaging, the internet, social media, many differing hard and software modes of communication each team involved in a development project needs to know what the rules of engagement are. To keep efficiency standards high, everyone needs to be on the same page. Does all the hardware and software communicate together without much heartache? Text vs email vs phone calls need to be defined from the start. Know the capacity of file sharing. Filing systems for easy access and redundancy are always an asset to a project. Security and back up protocol need to be defined. Language and its varying interpretations need to be understood. Within our society people come from everywhere and the diverseness enriches us but also can affect communications. Ask if you are not sure. Be active in making sure all parties are on the same point of reference. Follow up to see that the email was received. Verify each question asked is answered. We notice only the first question gets answered 50% of the time. Each person is responsible to make sure their thoughts are understood by the parties they work with.

Take the initiative to verify your communication. Don’t delay your thought or responses. Even if you are not ready to give a response, at least let the other party know you are on it! Expeditious responses are always helpful to the entire design team.

At JHAI we are known for our care and expeditious follow thru.