Who will be our next client?

JHAI searches for clients whom either, would like a special home, place of business, investment, or have other innovative design ideas for a perfect environment that truly inspires their lives in many integrated ways. The love of design accomplishes the goal. Spacial arrangements & integration is what creates this. The sustainable, cradle-to-cradle, implementation of the design, and the building materials, together accomplish the unique designed project specifically to you and your goals. Taking our built environment to another level is what JHAI envisions.

Research and Development has its variables in construction, with many risks that come with it. That is how we as a community advance in society.

With over 50 years of studying architect and all natural and built environment, I know how to accomplish what you have only dreamed off. During job sites or consultation, meetings involving design, all who see me in action, say how much they see how much I love what I do.
Give me your torch, and let me run with your dream. JHAI provides a dynamic, exciting, & spiritual experience from the design through the construction and the move in. What counts is that the completed project meets your dreams, acts as an example for others to study, while expanding the realm of sustainable & progressive architecture. The build environment can be a catalyst for our community, and earths, future!

Those with the guts, stamina, and the funds to accomplish a truly loving environment are requested to give Jim Heimler a call.

As Nietzsche wrote: “we must think through the principals we want to live by”.Individual conscience is very personal. We must answer our moral questions by creating our own moral values.