Go Solar, California! Campaign

Who is going to be the next entity going solar? 

Do you have sun access most of the day, year round? If so check out all the different programs out there and see if it makes sense now. Be sure to see what the utility companies and federal, state, and cities are offering for incentives now or are anticipating in the near future. If you do not find anything that works for you to Go Solar then talk to your legislators and utility companies and ask them to put in place a program that would work for you. There are many options. You can buy or lease a Photovoltaic System to put on your home or place of business. There are many companies that do that now. Go Solar, California! just recently released a report that shows how easily our solar goals can be reached if we keep letting our city and government officials know how important this is. Los Angeles County has seriously considered adding a strong solar goal to their sustainability plan. This is huge!

Remember that a solar system is put in place to extract the suns energy free of charge and puts that energy, as electricity, right into the power grid of your home. It can also go back into the utility company’s power grid and at some point the home owner gets credit for that excess power. The other option is to keep paying for electricity, even as the rates go up each year. Please plan for future utility rates, not just the current ones. Financial planning is important. Keep in mind that you can also use less electricity by many methods. A few of these would be turning off lights and appliances when not in use, by hand or sensors. Using power strips to turn off TV's, computers, chargers and similar items each day when you are not using them, buying more efficient equipment (usually with rebates), upgrading your buildings to meet a higher level of energy efficiency, and always contacting your government representatives to push for a more energy efficient future in all our buildings, and communities. Dollars spent on research and development can go far in advancing our semi, primitive society.