The Producer role is like the developer. They put the entire package together. We put the design, team, budget, and schedule together in real terms from the start of a project investigation all the way through to the design, production, construction, and if needed the commissioning of a project. We act as the producer, manager, conductor, designer, shrink, advisor, researcher, project, construction manager, government approval facilitator, expeditor, lobbyist, and any other role that is needed.  Whatever the client wants to do on their own is taken off our list of responsibilities. The more the client wants us involved, the more we can assist in keeping all aspects of the project on track.

The bigger the picture we have of a project, the more we can bring to the table affording a greater dissemination of our experience. This is where one can get a lot of value for their projects. Our team of advisors and varying design consultants keep the quality, scheduling, and final outcome of each project in focus and direct all decisions to meet the goal! For a producer the end result is what really matters. All the great relationships developed on over 2000 projects also widen our experience for each of our clients business. The leadership position we take equates to being a Producer. We keep the ball in motion, pushing projects to their completion!