Thumbtack - Referral Based Clients

With as long of a history as JHAI has, why would we join a network of referral based clients? A diversified architectural company like ours continually provides services for all types of clients. To keep new clients coming into the fold is always a sign of a company’s strength and keeps us sharp and excited about our work. Joining social media and actively participating within it get JHAI greater exposure. Thumbtack provides another vehicle in which to maintain and expand our client base. It also validates our services at a higher level, in that they pre-qualify our abilities, history, and financial backbone. We are looking for clients that look for professional services, whether for consultation or full architectural services. We enjoy meeting and assisting new people and companies with new ideas, new ways of doing business, which add to our approximate 2000 projects and 1000 clients. A diversified client and project pool meets our professional goals. This is what we are set up to do!

The next question is why Thumbtack? We have worked with a few organizations in the past. In the end each lost their edge and professionalism to just turning out leads. They did not have a professional attitude as being part of the team. With Thumbtack, their inherent process is vetting leads thoroughly. That is more of team playing. As a business it is fair and honorable. If that is what our clients expect of us then the referring company should be practicing their means and methods in the same realm. We look forward to hearing from you!