Effort is directly related to passion. If you are passionate enough you will go above the call of duty to achieve the best results you can vision. Whether your time is spent keeping abreast of the problems related to design issues, communicating in a closed loop process to manage time in a cost effective way, or covering issues related to office management and design processes in a pro-active way, these are the ways in which effort will help create great design, schedule, and a smooth construction process. This is the way to stay ahead of the entire process. It leads to a successful practice. Our history is a testament to 30 years of effort with over 2000 projects.

The client can make this effort very cost effective. Especially when they understand the communication required to keep the highest level of effort all the way through a project. With the highs and lows of any enterprise the key is to maintain the effort. Look at the effort professional sports teams need to maintain a winning record. This is also true in architecture. Every day a team member is low on effort, the client is spending more or losing some opportunity in or within their development project, large or small. Communication, the correct direction from the entire team including the client, the right design, the right fee structure all assist in keeping the energy and effort at a high level.

The level of effort is always seen when a project is finished. The utility bills, longevity of the building, and its flexibility over time will show the difference. If a building is developed correctly the useful life, embodied energy, and the enjoyment, will all show themselves as a positive for the Owners. Fast and furious without the effort due to low fees will almost always lead to reduced performance of any building, large or small. You do get what you pay for. But the effort is not always related to the fee. It is tied to the original reason one goes into architecture. Is it just a job or your life's hobby? The hobbyist architect gives that extreme level of care and effort. No matter what, you want to give it your all within the parameters of a project. The effort at this level is tied to ones passion for design and the business. One experience opens up many doors to new opportunities for the designer, the client, and all user groups. Do not miss out on all the possibilities.

Remember that if we love what we do, and we do, then you get the effort and the passion for free!!!